Cavaco Silva invites Jorge Carlos Fonseca for official visit to Portugal
Wednesday, 07 September 2011 20:27   PDFPrint E-mail

Cape Verdean president-elect Jorge Carlos Fonseca has been invited by Portuguese President Aníbal Cavaco Silva for an official visit to Portugal. The invitation, which was extended because Cavaco Silva will not be able to attend Fonseca’s inauguration this week, has been accepted by Cape Verde’s soon-to-be head of state.

Portuguese President Cavaco Silva has invited his future Cape Verdean homologue Jorge Carlos Fonseca to make an official visit to Portugal, according to Portuguese news agency Lusa, citing an official Portuguese Presidency source.

According to the source, the invitation was “promptly accepted” by Jorge Carlos Fonseca. No date has yet been set. Cavaco Silva had telephoned Cape Verde’s president-elect on the night of the second round in Cape Verde’s presidential elections to congratulate him for his victory.

Invited to participate in Jorge Carlos Fonseca’s inauguration on September 9, Cavaco Silva “will not be able to be present,” and Portugal will be represent by State Minister of Finances Vítor Gaspar, a decision made following talks between the President of the Republic and Portuguese Prime Minister Paços Coelho, according to the source.