The first words spoken by the next President of Cape Verde
Monday, 22 August 2011 19:10   PDFPrint E-mail

In his first words as Cape Verde’s president-elect, Jorge Carlos Fonseca promised to abide by his electoral platform, speaking of cooperation with the various different organs of sovereignty, including the executive, but stressed that he would be an “active magistrate,” making use of all of the powers the Constitution reserves for the office of the President of the Republic.

“I begin by saluting the people of Cape Verde who, in the islands and in émigré communities, have given me this election victory and elected me as the next President of the Republic of Cape Verde.” These were the first words spoken by Cape Verde’s new head of state.

In his first speech as president-elect, Jorge Carlos Fonseca thanked the electorate for its vote of confidence, affirming that “I will try to deserve the confidence that was deposited in me today at the ballot box.”

Taking the opportunity to thank all of those who accompanied him in his race to the presidency, he admitted that “this victory belongs to many people” despite the fact that “perhaps at the beginning there were people who didn’t believe that this candidacy could win.”

Promising to “scrupulously” fulfill all of his electoral promises, he ruled out the possibility of political instability, reaffirming his commitment to cooperating with the government led by Prime Minister José Maria Neves “with loyalty and with respect for the Constitution and the law.”

He also, however, said he would fulfill his promise of being “a president who will be na active magistrate on the political and moral plane in Cape Verdean society,” and that “under no circumstances” will he shy away from using “the powers the Constitution gives to the President of the Republic.”

He further stated that he would remain attentive to the country’s major challenges, particularly with regards to democracy in Cape Verde, which, in his opinion, “needs to be deepened and expanded.” “As President of the Republic, I will contribute to making democracy more modern and advanced.”

Finally, Jorge Carlos Fonseca once again spoke of vote-buying, referring to “phenomena that could jeopardize, however partially, the exemplary status of our democracy in Cape Verde.”

“Being elected President of Cape Verde, in the current context and with all of the challenges we are currently experiencing, puts a huge responsibility on one’s shoulders,” he concluded.