PAICV-USA promove actividade para apoiar Cabo Verde
Friday, 27 November 2009 21:44   PDFPrint E-mail

The United States sector of Cape Verde’s governing party, the PAICV, will promote an activity on December 6 aimed at collecting preventative equipment and medication to be sent to Cape Verde. The items to be collected are aimed at combating dengue, as the epidemic has begun to wane in the country.


The PAICV-USA sector will also take the opportunity to thank Cape Verdean community organizations in the United States, as well as PAICV members and sympathizers and the community in general, for their dedication since the alarm was sounded after the first cases of dengue began appearing in Cape Verde slightly over two months ago.

The PAICV-USA sector also hailed the measures taken by the government, the impact of which has been notable in the reduction of the number of suspected cases.