TACV: new Boeing to arrive in a matter of days
Tuesday, 08 May 2012 15:34   PDFPrint E-mail

The new Boeing 737 purchased by the government to reinforce TACV Cabo Verde Airlines’ fleet of aircrafts is expected to be delivered to Cape Verde in a matter of days. The aircraft is currently in North Carolina, in the United States of America, where it has undergone a major technical and aesthetic makeover prior to heading to Praia. Photographs of the aircraft have already begun circulating on social networking sites and show a completely painted airplane featuring TACV’s logo and the Cape Verdean flag.

When it arrives in Cape Verde in the coming days, the new Boeing 737 will be given a name and a godfather. With its arrival, a number of the airline’s recurring problems in recent times are expected to be left behind – specifically, the systematic delay, re-scheduling and even cancellation of flights.

The Boeing 737, which will replace the company’s aircraft B. Leza – which, for its part, will be returned to leasing company Lessor before the end of the year – is a bi-motor commercial jet that is smaller and more efficient than TACV’s previous Boeings. The aircraft has a 162-passenger capacity and is guaranteed by a simple and reliable system.