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White Airways to operate regular flights to Cape Verde
Monday, 31 October 2011 18:35   PDFPrint E-mail

White Airways, which leads the charter segment in Portugal’s airline industry, has begun the licensing process to be able to operate regular flights to Cape Verde, Mexico and Cuba. The information came from the airline’s administrator, Rui Almeida, at the Feira das Américas trade fair in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

According to Rui Almeida, the licensing to operate regular flights to Cape Verde is aimed at giving travel agencies the option of “not having to fill an entire aircraft to fly.” With this new model, White Airways’ flights on these routes will be able to transport both passengers who have purchased vacation packages that include hotels and other services and people who opt only for airline tickets.

Portugal’s National Civil Aviation Institute has already published the notice that White Airways has requested licenses to operate “regular air transportation services” along the Lisbon-Boa Vista-Lisbon, Lisbon-Sal-Lisbon, Lisbon-Cancun-Lisbon, Lisbon-Havana-Lisbon and Lisbon-Veradero-Lisbon routes.

This evolution on the part of White Airways into the segment of regularly scheduled flights is in line with an international trend in which charter airlines have sought to reduce the risks of their travel agency clients, who may, with the change, sell seats on flights on an individual basis.