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Nancy Vieira and Manuel Paulo release “Pássaro Cego”
Friday, 16 October 2009 19:28   PDFPrint E-mail

Cape Verdean singer Nancy Vieira and Portuguese musician Manuel Paulo joined forces to produce the album Pássaro Cego, which was released this week in Portugal. The CD contains eleven tracks and blends jazz, fado and morna in a format that resembles a book.

According to Manuel Paulo, the album emerged in the wake of work he had developed with João Monge, who wrote the lyrics on Pássaro Cego (Blind Bird, in Portuguese). Paulo explains that, in the album, the bird is the character who guides the listener through an archipelago in which each island corresponds to an ambience and a song.

The musician also reveals that he invited Nancy Vieira to participate because of the “warmth her voice indicates.” The CD represents the first time the Cape Verdean artist has sung all of the tracks on a given CD in Portuguese, with the exception of the final song, “Ilha dos Amantes.” “I’m a Cape Verdean singer, I sing Cape Verdean music in Crioulo, but I’m curious as well and a citizen of the world. I want to see other skies, feel new sensations, and Pássaro Cego allows me to do this,” Vieira told RTP1 radio.

The book accompanying the CD also contains reproductions of eleven paintings by João Ribeira and photographs by Naná Sousa Dias.

The Cd will be presented to the public on October 23 and 24 in Seixal, and in Portuguese capital Lisbon on November 30, at the São Luiz Theater.