Musician and singer Biús dies in Mindelo
Wednesday, 05 August 2009 22:11   PDFPrint E-mail

Popular singer and musician Biús passed away this morning, August 5, in the city of Mindelo. The São Vicente-based singer had been in Baptista de Sousa Hospital for some two weeks due to a diabetes-related crisis.

Musician, singer and composer Biús was one of the most popular artists on the Mindelo music circuit, with weekly live performances at the city’s Alta Lua restaurant, at the MindelHotel, and at the Bar Lobby, at the nearby Porto Grande Hotel. A gifted showman and entertainer, he was a fixture of the yearly Baía das Gatas music festival and of other major shows on the island of São Vicente, as well as in Praia and other parts of the country.

In addition to his solo performances and two albums, Biús’s career also included a number of groups, such as Jovensd Unidos and later on Gaiatos, of which he was a member alongside names such as Tito Paris and Bau. He also recorded a third solo CD, featuring arrangements and musical production by Kim Alves, but which has yet to be released.