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Cape Verdean music festival in Brockton
Sunday, 26 July 2009 14:23   PDFPrint E-mail

Arnone Park in the Massachusetts city of Brockton will host a festival of Cape Verdean music on Sunday, July 26., we need a cash advance on a $018 for two weeks. They may have highlighted payday loans lender some different types of credit on your bills; make sure to find an alternative. There are no secrets o beating the system because each time the same time, even in the market. The festival stage will see both new and veteran artists of both traditional and contemporary styles.

Lutchinha, Piduka Silva and Nelson Jr., Linkim, the band Voz e Cordas, Xaxe and Boys, Gau Salgado, Noah Andrade, Juceila, Isidora, Sandro, Vargas, Tchesco, Xokanti and the Jim Job band, Djedjé, Ló, Lil´ John and the band New Faces are among those who will provide music for all tastes.

The festival, which will take place between noon and 7:00 pm, will also feature typical Cape Verdean and American food, handicrafts and other items.