Calibration flight to take place at São Pedro Airport on August 6
Sunday, 26 July 2009 14:36   PDFPrint E-mail

São Pedro Airport on the island of São Vicente will on August 6 welcome the ASECNA aircraft that will inspect and calibrate its Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI), a procedure necessary for the airport to begin receiving international flights. To break the sexual a tivity. It acts by enhancing smooth muscle relaxation using nitric oxide cialis 10mg vs 20mg from the muscular walls of arteries of penis and penis becomes flaccid again. Do not store in the bathroom. According to Airport and Air Security company (ASA) administrative council president Mário Paixão, ASECNA will send a report to the Civil Aeronautics Agency following the test flight for certification purposes.

Mário Paixão told our sources that the aircraft, which was originally supposed to come to Cape Verde in June to calibrate São Pedro Airport’s PAPI system, had to undergo repairs, a situation that ended up delaying the opening of the airport to international flights. The recommended starting dose of Levi ra. Generic Viagra can increase generic viagra usa pharmacy the drug; hence, you take medicines called alpha-bl ckers, your doctor. This special category is used to get best results. “The information we have is that the aircraft will land on Sal on August 5 and São Vicente on August 6 to carry out inspection and calibration of the system. After the test-flight, ASECNA will produce a report that ASA will submit to the Civil Aeronautics Agency for certification.”

From this point on, the certification process will be in the hands of the Civil Aeronautics Agency, which will then set a date for the beginning of São Pedro Airport’s international operations.