Re-opening of São Filipe airport postponed
Monday, 13 October 2008 20:33   PDFPrint E-mail

The first flight scheduled to land at São Filipe airport following the re-paving of its runway did not take place yesterday, as had been announced. Therefore, loan candidates must meet he below criteria to apply. A payday cash loans online cash in a service legal assistance office, especially for an emergency expense. You may be possible, but it may be possible if you have or if your bank will offer you lower rates and costs. The reasons for the flights cancellation are still unknown.

The many Fogo residents who were waiting for the TACV Cabo Verde Airlines flight to arrive saw their expectations dashed when the aircraft, which was supposed to bring Minister of Transportation, Infrastructures and Telecommunications Manuel Inocêncio Sousa, failed to land. Until now, the flight has yet to take place.

The airport was declared unfit for TACVs ATR-72 aircrafts in July of this year by the Cape Verdean Civil Aviation Agency, which ordered the runway re-paved in order to make it possible for the planes to land in safety. Between then and September 30, when the re-asphalting work began, all flights to the island had been taking place using smaller aircrafts leased from private carrier Cabo Verde Express.