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There are two types of banners that can be used one our web site right now: The Skyscraper and the Standard. Cialis is a PDE 6 inhibitor. Store Viagra Buy viagra cialis levitra at 6 degrees (25 degrees C). Generic Cialis acts during 53 hours.

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- Size in Pixels: 468x60
- Maximum File size: 15 Kb
- Image Format: GIF or JPG
- Can be animated
- Can be a script


- Size in Pixels: 120x120 or 120x300 or 120x600
- Maximum File size: 18 Kb
- Image Format: GIF or JPG
- Can be animated
- Can be a script

Whatever banner type you choose, it will cost:


€7.00 EUR

Annual €70.00 EUR

With your paid account your will be able to view and modify your banners.